Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eva Medusa on Blogger

This is just a quick notice to all of my fans, family and friends that I've created a new blog under the name of Eva Medusa where I will transition and consolidate all of my blog sites into one.

If you are interested in following my blog please do so.  This is the place from where I will be sharing my transformation story "Metamorphosis" story, photos, video clips, etc.

Please send me a shout out.  Even though I'll be a busy rattler this year I am happy to hear from you and I will respond.

Thank you with love,

~Eva Medusa

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cleavage Is Wonderful!!!

As I go through my transition from being a man to becoming a woman there are many things that I will experience. I don't know to what extent my friends know anything about the process one goes through other than what is the most commonly known, i.e. genital reassignment and breast implants. There are so many things beyond the actual procedures, but there are many which are matters I';m dealing with pre-op such as that I am already living my life as a woman. Some days I feel more like a woman and other days I feel a bit lost. As I go through the various stages of my transition it gives me great comfort just to have the support and love from the many wonderful friends I have around the world. This is something that I don't take for granted. One of the stages of transformation that is a major part of my transformation is to have more female features and less masculine features like having breasts. For now until my breasts develop more I am happy that I can at least wear the right kind of support that gives me cleavage. Just looking at myself in the mirrors and seeing that I have cleavage does a lot for my mental and emotional well being. As I see myself right now I am walking a tight rope balancing weights on my right and my left hand but I love walking this tight rope because when I get to the other side I will have the greatest reward; I will be that woman that I am destined to be.